Myria Georgiou

Myria GeorgiouMyria Georgiou is an Associate Professor at the Dept of Media and Communications, London School of Economics. She has conducted crossnational comparative research across Europe and transurban research in American and European cities. Her book Diaspora, Identity and the Media: Diasporic Transnationalism and Mediated Spatialities (Hampton Press, 2006) draws from ethnographic research in London and New York City and the ways in which ethnic identities are constructed in multicultural neighbourhoods. Her recent book Media and the City: Cosmopolitanism and Difference (Polity, 2013) reflects on the different and competing forms of cosmopolitanism that emerge at the meeting of media and the city, especially in the context of the global city. She has also co-edited the collection Transnational Lives and the Media: Re-imagining Diasporas (with O.Bailey and R.Haridranath, 2007, Palgrave) and has edited Gender, Migration and the Media (Routledge, 2012). Her articles have been published in sociological, cultural studies, and media and communications journals, such as the International Communication Gazette; International Journal of Cultural Studies; Race and Ethnic Studies. She currently leads a research project titled Community through digital connectivity? Communication infrastructure in multicultural London (LSE Seed Fund) and supervises the Marie Curie Inter-European Fellowship: (UPLOAD) Upload. Urban Politics of London Youngsters Analyzed Digitally (Research Fellow: K.Leurs).