Gary Gumpert

Gary Gumpert“There is magic in urban life: excitement, the unexpected, sounds and visual phantasmagoria. I have walked the streets of cities around the globe and continue to be fascinated by expressive architecture, extraordinary culinary delights and the passions of people working and playing in the streets and park. I am equally delighted by the technological delights of communication, but aware how delicate the balance of sense ratios is in a technological age. Our equilibrium can easily be disturbed.

I have spent 60+ years, in radio and television production, researching and writing about the changing nature of social relationships and professing to those who might be urged to listen. I see the Urban Communication Foundation playing an activist role in choreographing a healthy quality of life in a technological age.”

Gary Gumpert is Emeritus Professor of Communication at Queens College of the City University of New York and co-founder of Communication Landscapers, a consulting firm. His primary research focuses on the nexus of communication technology and social relationships, particularly looking at urban and suburban development, the alteration of public space, and the changing nature of community. Some of his noteworthy and early publications include: “Talking Tombstones and Other Tales of the Media Age” (1987); “Inter/Media: Interpersonal Communication in a Media Age” (1979); and “The Zoning of Social Interaction” (1991). Among his most recent articles are “Communicative Cities“ (2008); “Public Space Transformed: Digital Connectivity and Urban Spaces” (2010); The Urban Communication Infrastructure: Global Connection and Local Detachment” (2010); and “New York as Global City and Local Community: The Paradigm of Urban Communication“ (2011).