Urban Communication Foundation to Sponsor Its Spotlight Session at the 2018 ICA Conference in Prague

Voices in the City, Voices of the City

The 68th Annual ICA Conference in Prague, Czech Republic, May 24-28, 2018
Fri, May 25, 17:00 to 18:15, Hilton Old Town, M, Mozart II

Cities have voices. Cities speak in many ways. The Urban Communication Foundation works to place communication in the foreground of concerns for the city. The communicative city was developed as a construct to measure and recognize urban municipalities that provide or facilitate the creation and maintenance of a healthy communicative environment. Cities not only support human communication but are living organisms that speak themselves. The communicative city initiative espouses the axiom that a community is shaped by communication. A city is a site for communication and an artifact of communication. This panel lends an urban communication perspective to the examination of voices, spotlighting the voices of the host city of Prague. Prague offers lessons in traditional voices of architecture and urban street life while meeting challenges of a changing global media landscape. This panel brings together urban communication scholars and representatives of the Prague community to discuss issues of tourism, its impact on residents and communities, and social enterprises that focus on city tours from a homeless perspective.

Chaired by:

Gary Gumpert, Urban Communication Foundation


Susan Drucker, Hofstra University
Petra Jansa, Charles University
Tereza Jureckova, Pragulic
Veronika Marianovsk√°, Charles University
Casey Man Kong Lum, William Paterson University

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