Spotlight on San Diego: The New Urban Agenda: Applications and Interventions

Fri, May 26, 18:30 to 19:45, Hilton San Diego Bayfront, 5, Cobalt 500

Session Submission Type: Panel

Habitat III took place in October 2016 culminating in an outcome document entitled “The New Urban Agenda”, adopted to “guide the efforts around urbanization of a wide range of actors — nation states, city and regional leaders, international development funders, United Nations programs and civil society — for the next 20 years.”
The Agenda includes a call for compact cities, polycentric growth, mixed-use streetscapes, prevention of sprawl and transit-oriented development.
The New Urban Agenda is a 23-page document that promises that no one will be left behind through inclusive development, economic growth and environmental sustainability. It deals with rights to the city, and unique needs of vulnerable urban populations including women, the LGBT community, the poor, disabled and indigenous peoples. Urban land policies should guarantee housing, for people, for economic profit and for social interaction. The internet, mobility, “smart cities” were acknowledged and incorporated in the discourse of implementation. Social interaction, community and communication technologies were evident but unarticulated in the New Urban Agenda. With the adoption of the New Urban Agenda attention turns to implementation and intervention. Around the world, there are now efforts to judge existing programs, standards, and achievements while develop innovations designed to achieve New Urban Agenda goals. This panel will explore the host city, San Diego through the lens of communication and the New Urban Agenda.

The panel will be chaired by Paula M. Gardner, McMaster University.

The distinguished panelists include:

Gary Gumpert, Urban Communication Foundation

Peter Haratonik, The New School

Susan Drucker, Hofstra University

Angela Booker, BINACOM – Binational Association of Schools of Communication of the Californias

Kieth Pezzoli, BINACOM – Binational Association of Schools of Communication of the Californias


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