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Media Ecology Association

The Media Ecology Association (MEA), formed in 1998 by five of Neil Postman’s former students (Susan B. Barnes, Thomas F. Gencarelli, Paul Levinson, Casey Man Kong Lum, and Lance Strate), is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the study, research, criticism, and application of media ecology in educational, industry, political, civic, social, cultural, and artistic contexts, and the open exchange of ideas, information, and research among the Association’s members and the larger community (from the MEA website).

International Association for People-Environment Studies

The International Association for People-Environment Studies (IAPS) was established in 1981, to facilitate interdisciplinary debate and international collaboration in environment-behavior research and man-environment studies, with its primary goal to improve the quality of life. IAPS is a multidisciplinary association of researchers and practitioners from around the world, with a shared interest in people’s interaction with their environment, and is committed to support the coexistence, reciprocal understanding and collaboration of theoretical, practical work and lobbying activities (from the IAPS website).

Eastern Communication Association

The Eastern Communication Association (ECA) was established in 1910 and continues as the oldest professional communication association in the United States. As a distinguished service-oriented organization with a history of achievement in research, criticism, communication theory, and excellence in teaching, the association welcomes members who share the goals and objectives of a membership dedicated to participation in state, regional, and national activity (from the ECA website).

The Urban Affairs Association

The Urban Affairs Association (UAA) is the international professional organization for urban scholars, researchers, and public service professionals, dedicated to creating interdisciplinary spaces for engaging in intellectual and practical discussions about urban life. Through theoretical, empirical, and action-oriented research, the UAA fosters diverse activities to understand and shape a more just and equitable urban world. UAA is the successor organization to the Council of University Institutes for Urban Affairs, formed in Boston in 1969 by a group of directors of university urban programs. UAA includes over 600 institutional, individual, and student members from colleges and universities throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Among its other activities, UAA sponsors the Journal of Urban Affairs, a refereed annual journal, publishing manuscripts related to urban research and policy analysis of interest to both scholars and practitioners, and holds a conference each spring in an urban center (from the UAA website).

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