Gary Gumpert Award: The State-of-the-Field of Urban Communication

Gary Gumpert Award: The State-of-the-Field of Urban Communication

The Gary Gumpert Award is given to the applicant whose proposal shows a clear understanding of the state of the field of urban communication with respect to a particular issue or question (as specified by the UCF every year the award is given), along with a clear articulation of how “state of the field” paper will be developed.

Amount of Award: $2500
Please note the new dates for the current award.
For 2013-2014, the area of focus for the award is Urban Communication and Health Disparities.

The successful proposal should focus on pertinent communication concepts, theories and literature, not just on the area of focus. Proposals are not limited to a particular methodology and may extend to policy areas and applications.

The final paper must clearly summarize what is known about the targeted area of urban communication, identify gaps in the existing literature, and suggest directions for future research. In doing so, this paper should feature concepts and theories that have been applied in urban communication research and discuss findings of empirical studies, case studies, as well as critical essays and analyses.

In a successful proposal (and paper), the link between communication and the urban context must be made clear.


  • A 500 word (max) description of how you would approach this topic
  • A current vita
  • And a 150 word (max) bio must be submitted by February 1, 2014

Winner will announced and notified by March 1, 2014

Final paper must be submitted by June 1, 2014

Send inquiries and grant proposals to Peter Haratonik, Executive Coordinator, Urban Communication Foundation.